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Digital 3D

Digital stereo 3D imaging is a unique, advanced, stereo image presentation system designed to provide fully interactive real time natural 3D viewing and visualisation with outstanding depth perception.

This exciting new 3D technology without glasses, offered by our DRV (Deep Reality Viewer) digital 3D product range, is a result of Vision Engineering’s sustained investment in optical and digital R&D.

  • DRV-Z1

    Visor 3D estéreo digital con zoom

    DRV-Z1 es un visor 3D de zoom estéreo digital que reúne los beneficios de la microscopía óptica y la tecnología digital en un sistema único.

    • 6x – 186x de aumento
    • Estéreo digital percepción de profundidad 3D
    • Visualización remota de imágenes estéreo 3D en tiempo real